August 30 - September 3, 2006 in Karksi-Nuia, Estonia


Rehearsals                    Cultural Centre of Karksi Parish, Karksi-Nuia Gymnasium
Eating                              Karksi- Nuia Gymnasium
Accommodation             Karksi- Nuia Gymnasium, Music School and Kopra Guesthouse 


Wednesday, August 30

15.00 - 17.30 Arrival to Karksi-Nuia, tour around the venues and the town if you have time

18.00              Dinner together at school

18.45              Bus to Cultural Centre, take your instruments with you!

19.00 - 21.00 First rehearsal with the big orchestra, informative meeting for group


Thursday, August 31

8.00                Breakfast

8.45                Walk to the Cultural Centre

9.00                Rehearsal together in Cultural Centre

13.00             Lunch at school

14.00             Excursion in Karksi Parish by bus

16.00              Outdoor activities and competitions

18.00              Dinner at school

19.00-21.00   Rehearsals in Cultural Centre, informative meeting

Friday, September 1

8.00                Breakfast

9.00                Rehearsals in Cultural Centre

11.00              School-starting concert of Karksi-Nuia Gymnasium (about 10 minutes each foreign group + common orchestra)

12.30              Quick lunch at school, get ready for concert

13.45              Departure to Halliste by bus

14.15              Rehearsal in Halliste church

15.00              School-starting concert (mostly for children) in Halliste church (about 10 minutes each group + common orchestra)

17.00              Free time, open-air activities and rest

19.00              Dinner at school, informative meeting

Saturday, September 2

9.00                Breakfast                                                                             

9.45                Going to Viljandi by bus

11.00-14.00   Cascade of concerts in Viljandi, 20 minutes each group:

                        Viljandi Culture House

11.00 Leksands Big-Band (on outdoor stage, but if bad weather- inside)

                        11.30 Lillehammer Symphonic orchestra (Culture House concert hall)

                        St. John’s church (5 min. walk from the Culture House)

12.00 Hörsholm String-orchestra

12.30 Oulainen Youth Choir

Kirsimäe Open Air stage in Castle Ruins

13.00 Leksand’s folklore group

          Karksi-Nuia folk music ensemble “Kunileid”

13.30 common orchestra (3 pieces)

In case the weather is bad, the Kirsimäe concerts take place in Culture House.                    

14.00              School-startig concert of Viljandi Music School – Leksandś folklore group ( 2 pieces)

14.15              Back to Karksi-Nuia by buses

15.00              Lunch at school, time for resting and getting ready for evening concert

18.00              Big concert in Cultural Centre of Karksi Parish (about 20 minutes each group and

common orchestra in the end)

20.15              Dinner at school, you can take your instruments to school (by bus if needed) and change clothes for the party, then walk to the Cultural Centre

20.45              Farewell-party at the Cultural Centre, where each group makes a max. 10 minutes fun-performance (does not have to be music). Music is played by youth ensemble from Viljandi Culture Academy – Poni-Emm (guitar, base, accordion, bagpipes, congas and voices). In addition to playing music also national dances are taught.

Teachers meeting.

Sunday, September 3

9.00                Breakfast, packing.

Travel home


Emergency number: 112

Telephone numbers to call in case of problems/emergencies:

372 53 476 807 Kairi

372 58 132 716 Tiia (Music School director)

372 52 30 149 Peter Holmqvist

Please be prepared for:

    * A short greeting by your group to all others (sth funny) on first meeting
    * 10 minutes performance on farewell party

 Bigger shops accept VISA cards and we have SEB Unibank office with currency exchange.
Karksi-Nuia Muusikakool Tartu tn. 31, Karksi - Nuia 69103, Viljandi maarkond E-mail:
Tel: 43 41 085 ; 43 31 485