Description of the project

Karksi Parish in Southern Estonia has become a full member of a Nordic Twin-town cooperation network in 2005, involving 5 municipalities in 5 countries – Lillehammer in Norway, Leksand in Sweden, Hørsholm in Denmark, Oulainen in Finland and Karksi in Estonia.

The 4 previous members of the network have had a good and close cooperation between Music Schools for a long time. In 2005, when Karksi became an official full member of the network, Karksi-Nuia Music School was asked to join in the cooperation. For giving the students and teachers of Karksi-Nuia Music School a full idea of what it means to do cooperation with Nordic Music Schools and also giving our new Nordic partners an idea of what Karksi-Nuia Music School is like, we would like to organize a Meeting of Nordic Young Musicians in Karksi-Nuia in the end of summer 2006.

The aim of the meeting is to:

-         Strengthen the Nordic cooperation (we in Estonia consider us a Nordic country too);

-         Create cultural understanding and knowledge between the participants;

-         Give young music students a possibility to meet, make music together, play to and learn from each other and make friends in other Nordic countries;

-         Give music teachers an opportunity to meet and learn from each other;

-         Give concerts to general public for introducing Nordic music to a wider range of people;

Meeting of Nordic Young Musicians will take place on August 30 - September 3, 2006 in Karksi-Nuia, Estonia.


LILLEHAMMER  - NORWAY   -  27 students

LEKSAND            - SWEDEN    - 26 students

OULAINEN          - FINLAND               - 26 students

HǾRSHOLM        - DENMARK -  15 students

KARKSI               - ESTONIA    -  20 students

ALTOGETHER                       114 students

The students are at the age 12 – 19.

The participants learn pieces of Nordic and Estonian music at home, then come together and rehearse as a big orchestra. In addition to the common concerts there are also going to be concerts given in separate national groups and orchestras. The concerts take place in South Estonia, including Viljandi and Karksi-Nuia. On the last evening, at the farewell-party, each national group is asked to be prepared for a small concert of playing to others.
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